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All learning is not worth a penny if courage and joy are lost in the process.
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827)

Academy Officials (The Presidium)


Pestalozzi Academy – Academic Education Network, A-1010 Vienna, Singerstraße 7/4/2.Floor; E-Mail: info(@)

Rector of the Pestalozzi Academy: 

Prof. Dr. Elmar Kuhn, Mag. Theol., M.Theol., CertLSC, FUniv.
E-Mail: elmarkuhn(@)

Short resume: Elmar Kuhn studied in Munich, Buenos Aires, Vienna and Salzburg and specialized on religious science. 2021 elected a president of the “Coalition of Faith Based Organization – Central Europe”. 2018 appointed as external Associate Professor and European Advisor, since 2020 member of the senate of the Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi University Florida. He is also founding member of European Academy of Religions, Correspondent of the Academia de Artes e Letras de Portugal and honorary member of the Academia delle Science d´Abruzzo. 2012 to 2016 he was ass. prof. and initiator of the Master Course Interreligious competence and mediation (KPH/Campus Vienna). State-certified diploma in life and social counseling. As secretary general of “Christians in need” ( he organizes help programs for persecuted believers of religions all over the world. His main research projects are the intercultural influence of religions and the interreligious dialogue in general. He was key-note speaker on interreligious dialogue, education and hate speech in Cologne, Enugu, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lubljana, Lugano, Osaka, Rome, Seoul, Tokyo, Skopje, Vienna, Warsow e.a.. 2010-2019 Dean of class VII world religions of the European Academy of Science and Arts, Salzburg.

Pestalozzi University President

Prof. Stephan U. Breu, MBA, DBA​, HonEdD, FNFCM, FGMS, FVCM, SFFLM, MCertNMSM

Pestalozzi University Provost

Prof. Craig Paterson, BA, LLB, MA, MLIS, PhD, ThSoc, FVCM(Th), FSA Scot, FLS, FGMS, FIMEB, SFFLM,  HonBD, HonFNMSM, HonFTCSM, HonFDipRS


For your specific approval, write to

Recognised Qualifications for

  1. a) certificates: Your school or professional degree, date of birth and place of residence, e-mail address and telephone number.
  2. b) master courses: Your Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualification, date of birth and place of residence, e-mail address and telephone number.

Partial scholarship: For migrants and students from emerging countries: If you are applying for a partial scholarship, please include this request and inform us about your financial situation. Do you have a permanent job? Where do you live? What is your housing and family situation? Every semester, the awards some partial scholarships (up to 50% of the total costs). The award is made without recourse to legal action.

Online Applications

 The fees should be payed to:

Internationale Pestalozzi Gesellschaft
Sonnenhügel 20 CH-9554
Tägerschen Schweiz

IBAN: CH55 0900 0000 1571 7194 2  


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