Introduction to Christian humanism
on the example of ethos, life and work of J.H. Pestalozzi

Duration: 4 weeks – reading, zoom meeting, seminar paper

Target groups: 

Multipliers for civic engagement in politics, culture and society.
The course is aimed at students in the area of social humanism.

Costs: 350 EUR

Line: Prof. Dr. Stephan U. Breu, BBA, MBA, DBA, HonEdD, FNFCM, FGMS, FVCM, SFFLM, MCertNMSM  Email:


The course is held at the and is completely online.

Language: English, German


The objective of the certificate program is to understand Pestalozzi’s ethos through historical sources. Furthermore, the impact of Christian humanism is to be conveyed far beyond the Christian world (e.g. by the example of the Red Cross, Red Crescent). Thus a basic knowledge for the social, pedagogical and theological acting as a Christian will be developed. In addition, social and historical consequences of Christian ethics should become understandable.

The certificate contains of

  1. a) Introduction to Pestalozzi’s ethos: history and documents, reality and goals
  2. b) History of the impact of Christian humanism based on a concrete example (Red Cross)
  3. c) role of humanism in societies – historically and in the present based on the concrete place of residence of the students 

A seminar paper should be delivered at the end of the course with about 5 pages.

Degree: Certificate of Christian Humanism (Issued by the Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi Christian University according to US-Law. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi Christian University, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Florida and has permission to award its religious degrees under the terms of Florida Statute 1005.06 (1)(f). The University is entered on the list of religious institutions maintained by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education.)